Black-billed Turaco

Distribution map of Black-billed Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Black-billed Turaco

(Tauraco schuettii)

Two sub-species:

(T.s.shuettii, T.s.emini)

Black-billed Turaco. Click to enlarge.


Generally similar in appearance to the Knysna Turaco, except for the black bill. The sub-species vary quite markedly in the colour of the wing coverts, secondary flight feathers and tail feathers. In this respect, the feathers of the T.s.shuettii is iridescent purple, whilst those of the T.s.emini is iridescent green. Both sub-species are distinct within their respective ranges, but the definitions blur once both come together. The length of the Black-billed Turaco is generally about 40cm from beak to tail. The weight of specimens vary considerably between 199-272 grams. Black-billed Turacos are typically fruit-eaters, living in assorted forest habitats between 500 and 2800m.

CITES II: Not globally threatened.

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