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General names of Turacos

Turacos have a number of different names used in different places in the World.
They are known as Touracos, Turacos,
Toerako, Louries, Loeries, Go-away birds, Plantain-eaters and other names (see below).
Much of the information has been obtained from 'CITES - listed species database' at:

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Thanks to Fernando Pineda, an I.T.S. member in Spain, for supplying many of the Spanish names, to Rob and Jeanneke de Brie, I.T.S. members in The Netherlands, for supplying most of the Dutch names and to Andzelika Nowak and his father for supplying the Polish names.

Names for turacos around Europe and Africa

Afrikaans - Louries

Danish - Turakoer eller bananædere

Dutch - Toerako

English - Touracos, Turacos (Turaco is the name in use in most 'English' speaking countries, such as USA)

Finnish - Turakot

French - Touracos

German - Turakos

Italian - Turachi

Spanish - Turacos

Swedish - Turako

Polish - Turak

Names for different species of turaco

Tauraco bannermani

Tauraco bannermani

Danish - Bannermans turako

Dutch - Bannermanns toerako

English - Bannerman's Turaco

Finnish - Kameruninturako

French - Touraco de Bannerman, Touraco doré

German - Bannerman-Turako

Spanish - Turaco de Bannerman

Swedish - Bannermans turako

Polish - Turak kamerunski

Tauraco corythaix

Tauraco corythaix

Afrikaans - Knysnaloerie

English - Helmeted Turaco, Knysna Turaco

Dutch - Veerhelm Toerako

French - Touraco louri, Touraco lourie, Touraco vert d'Afrique du Sud

German - Helmturako

Spanish - Turaco de Knysna, Turaco sudafricano

Swedish - grön turako, knysnaturako

Polish - Turak niebieskozielony

Tauraco erythrolophus

Tauraco erythrolophus

Dutch - Roodkuif Toerako

English - Red-crested Turaco, Pink-crested Turaco, Pauline Touraco

French - Touraco pauline

Spanish - Turaco crestirrojo, Turaco de copete rojo

Swedish - rödkronad turako, rödtofsad turako

Polish - Turak angolski

Tauraco fischeri

Tauraco fischeri

Dutch - Fisher Toerako

English - Fischer's Turaco

French - Touraco de Fischer

German - Fischerturako

Spanish - Turaco de Fischer

Swedish - Fischers turako, rödnackad turako

Polish - Turak koroniasty

Tauraco hartlaubi

Tauraco hartlaubi

Dutch - Hartlaubs Toerako

English - Hartlaub's Turaco

French - Touraco de Hartlaub

Spanish - Turaco Hartlaubi

Swedish - blåkronad turako, Hartlaubs turako

Polish - Turak liliowoczuby

Tauraco leucolophus

Tauraco leucolophus

Dutch - Witkuif Toerako

English - White-crested Turaco

French - Touraco à huppe blanche

Spanish - Turaco de cresta blanca

Swedish - vittofsad turako

Polish - Turak bialoczuby

Tauraco leucotis

Tauraco leucotis

Dutch - Witwang Toerako

English - White-cheeked Turaco (sub-species: Donaldson's Turaco, Chercher White-cheeked Turaco)

French - Touraco à joues blanches

Spanish - Turaco de mejillay oreja blanca

Swedish - abessinsk turako, vitkindad turako

Polish - Turak bialouchy

Tauraco livingstonii

Tauraco livingstonii

Afrikaans - Mosambiekloerie

Dutch - Livingston Toerako

English - Livingstone's Turaco

French - Touraco de Livingstone

German - Langschopfturako

Spanish - Turaco de Livingstone

Swedish - Livingstones turako

Polish - Turak ostroczuby

Tauraco macrorhynchus

Tauraco macrorhynchus

Dutch - Geelsnavel Toerako

English - Left: Verreaux's Turaco, Red-tipped Crested Turaco - Right: Black-tipped Crested Turaco, Crested Turaco, Yellow-billed Turaco, Great-billed Turaco, Fraser's Turaco

French - Touraco à gros bec

German - Blaurückenturako

Spanish - Turaco de pico amarillo, Turaco capucha-franjeada, Turaco piquigualdo

Swedish - guineaturako, gulnäbbad turako, stornäbbad turako

Polish - Turak zóltodzioby

Tauraco persa

Tauraco persa

Dutch - Groene Toerako

English - Left: Buffon's Turaco, Sierra Leone Turaco - Right: Guinea Turaco, Gold Coast Turaco, Green Turaco, Green-crested Turaco

French - Touraco vert

German - Guinea-Turako, Haarschopfturako

Spanish - Turaco capucha-verde de Guinea, Turaco de Guinea, Turaco verde, Turaco persa

Swedish - grönkronad turako

Polish - Turak zielonoczuby

Tauraco ruspolii

Tauraco ruspolii

English - Prince Ruspoli's Turaco, Ruspoli's Turaco

French - Touraco de Ruspoli

Spanish - Turaco de Ruspoli

Swedish - gråkronad turako; Prins Ruspolis turako

Polish - Turak etiopski

Tauraco schalowi

Tauraco schalowi

Afrikaans - Langkuifloerie

English - Schalow's Turaco, Long-crested Turaco

French - Touraco de Schalow

German - Schalowturako

Spanish - Turaco de Schalow

Swedish - Schalows turako

Polish - Turak dlugoczuby

Tauraco schuettii

Tauraco schuettii

Dutch - Zwartsnavel Toerako

English - Black-billed Turaco, Schütt's Turaco

French - Touraco à bec noir

German - Schwarzschnabelturako

Spanish - Turaco Schuetti, Turaco de pico negro; Turaco piquinegro

Swedish - svartnäbbad turako

Polish - Turak czarnodzioby

Corythaixoides personata



English - Brown-faced Go-away Bird (sub-species: C. p. leopoldi Bare-faced Go-away Bird, Black-faced Go-away Bird)

Spanish - Turaco gris personata

Grey Go-away Bird

Corythaixoides concolor



Afrikaans - Kwêvoël

English - Grey Go-away Bird

Spanish - Turaco gris

Corythaeola cristata

Corythaeola cristata

Dutch - Reuzentoerako

English - Blue Plantain-eater, Great Blue Turaco

Finnish - Keisariturako

French - Touraco géant

German - Riesenturako

Italian - Turaco gigante

Spanish - Turaco azul gigante

Swedish - jätteturako

Crinifer piscator

Crinifer piscator

Dutch - Grijze bananeneter

English - Grey Plantain-eater, Western Grey Plantain-eater

Finnish - Harmaaturako

French - Touraco gris

German - Schwarzschwanz-Lärmvogel

Italian - Turaco grigio suriano

Spanish - Turaco gris comedor de platanos, Turaco de Crin occidentale; Turaco gris occidental

Swedish - gördellarmfågel; grå turako

Crinifer zonurus

English - Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Abyssinian Grey Plantain-eater

Spanish - Turaco goegoeko, Turaco gris

Musophaga porphyreolopha

Musophaga porphyreolopha

Afrikaans - Bloukuifloerie

Dutch - Purperkuif Toerako, Purpertoerako

English - Purple-crested Turaco, Violet-crested Turaco, Pink-breasted Violet-crested Turaco, South African Purple-crested Turaco (sub-species: M. p. chlorochlamys Olive-breasted Purple-crested Turaco, East African Purple-crested Turaco)

Finnish - Savanniturako

French - Touraco à huppe pourprée, Touraco à huppe splendide, Touraco à huppe violette, Touraco violet

German - Glanzhauben-Turako

Spanish - Turaco de copete purpura, Turaco crestimorado, Turaco crestivioleta

Musophaga violacea

Musophaga violacea

Dutch - Voilette Toerako, Schild Toerako

English - Violet Plantain-eater, Violaceous Turaco, Violet Turaco

Finnish - Punaposkiturako

French - Touraco violet

German - SchildturakoItalian-Musofaga violacea

Spanish - Turaco violeta, Turaco violáceo

Swedish - bananätare, pisangätare, violett turako

Polish - Turak fioletowy

Musophaga rossae

Afrikaans - Rooikuifloerie

Dutch - Lady Ross Toerako

English - Ross's Turaco, Lady Ross's Turaco

Spanish - Turaco Lady Ross

Polish - Turak czerwonoczuby

Tauraco johnstoni

English - Ruwenzori Turaco

Spanish - Turaco ruwenzori

Tauraco j. kivuensis

English - Kivu Turaco

Spanish - Turaco de Kivu

Corythaixoides leucogaster

Dutch - Witbuik schettervogel

English - White-bellied Go-away Bird

Spanish - Turaco de vientre blanco

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