Eastern Grey Plantain-eater

Distribution map of Eastern Grey Plantain-eater. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Eastern Grey Plantain-eater

(Crinifer zonurus)

Eastern Grey Plantain-eater.  Click to enlarge.

The Eastern Grey is monotypic, but is considered to form a super-species with C. piscator. The two forms are allopatrically speciated. White banding across the tail retrices serves to distinguish this species from C.piscator. The Eastern Grey Plantain-eater measures approximately 50 cm from beak to tail. As for weights no accurate data is available so any enlightenment would be welcome!Throughout their range, Eastern Greys inhabit open aspect habitats, woodland, parks and bush up to 1500 m, where they feed on fruit.

CITES: Not globally threatened, and considered generally common.

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