Green Turacos

Distribution map of Green Turacos. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Green Turacos

(Tauraco Persa)

Three sub-species:

Green-crested (T.p.persa)

Buffon's (T.p.buffoni)


Buffon's and Green-crested Turacos. Click to enlarge.

The Green Turaco has a diverse complex of allopatric species. Distinct isolated forms are co-specific with other essentially morphologically similar species across Africa. The T.livingstonii, T.schalowi and T.corythaix are generally allied to the Green Turaco, and further considered to form a super species with T.schuetti and T.fischeri. The Green Turaco measures around 40-43cm from beak to tail, and weighs between 225-290 grams. Within its distribution range, it generally prefers mature rain forest edge habitats, bordered by rivers, cultivated and urbanised environments from sea level to around 1100m. It feeds mainly on fruit, either wild or cultivated, but will also consume vegetation such as leaves and flowers.

CITES II: Not globally threatened.

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