Grey Go-away Bird

Distribution map of Grey Go-away Bird. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Grey Go-away Bird

(Corythaixoides concolor)

Four sub-species:

(C.c.concolor, C.c.molthdophanes, C.c.pallidiceps, C.c.bechuanae)

Grey Go-away Bird. Click to enlarge.

The Grey Go-away Bird was previously included in the distinct species Corythaix, but is now considered to form a super-species with C. personatus. This species is unique amongst the Turaco family in that it possess an all-over grey plumage. Throughout its distribution, the Grey Go-away Bird will often inhabit woodlands, but it has a preference for more open thornbush country, often near water. The diet of this particular species includes fruit, leaves and insects, although, when given a choice, in aviculture individuals have tended towards a diet emphasising grains and leaves rather than fruit.

CITES: Not considered globally threatened. Generally common in social groups.

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