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Issue 1 - June 1993
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
"Hand Rearing of Touracos" by Audrey Perkins
"Winter Housing and Disease Prevention" by Nigel Hewston
Your committee (list)

Issue 2 - December 1993
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
"Wanderings in Wonderland" by John Savidge
"Touracos in Britain & Ireland 1992 Census Report" by Nigel Hewston
"Ideal Foster Parents" by P.J. Legg
"Hand Rearing Diets" Birdworld
"Cotswold Wild Life Park" by Ron Hurley
Editor's note

Issue 3 - June 1994
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
"1989 Breeding of the Livingstone's Turaco" by Steven Horne
"Should we Branch Out?" by P. Harrington
"Touracos in Britain and Ireland 1993 Census Report" by Nigel Hewston
"Breeding the Buffons Turaco - a love - hate relationship" by Steven Horne
"Items of Interest" by Andrew Perkins

Issue 4 - February 1995
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
"Bannerman's Turaco" by Heather Macleod and John Parrot
"Grey Louries - Feeding on Clay" from the Journal "Babbler"
"Pole-pole (rhymes with 'slowly')" by John Savidge
"Turacos and the Law" by Nigel Hewston
Surplus / Required

Issue 5 - Spring 1996
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
"Hornbill, Toucan & Taxon Advisory Group" by Nigel Hewston
Social Meeting
"First Touraco Breeding at Harewood" by Peter Stubbs
"Diet & Food Presentation" by Nigel Hewston
"Trying to Breed Touracos" by B.G. Walsh
"Touracos in Britain & Ireland"
"Breeding the Knysna Touraco" by Claude M. Payne
"Curiouser & Curiouser said Alice" by Yvonne Savidge


Issue 6 - Autumn 1996
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
Autumn Meeting
"Natural History Museum" by Nigel Hewston
AGM 1996
"Touracos in Kenya" by Malcolm Ellis
Touracos in Britain & Ireland 1995 Census
"International Touraco Survey" by David Hancock
Hornbill, Toucan & Touraco TAG Mortality Survey
"The Great Escape & Re-capture" by John Emslie
"Taxonomy of Touracos using DNA" by Bruce J. Winney & David T. Parkin
EC CITES Regulation Update
News, Sales & Wants

Issue 7 - Spring 1997
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
Second Visit to Tring
AGM 1997
"Record Keeping Made Simple" by Nigel Hewston
"What's in a Name" by John Savidge
"Bannerman's Touraco" by Don Turner
National Exhibition
"Touracos at Jurong Bird Park" by Andrew Owen
"Captive Touracos in Kenya " by Frank Turner
"Autumn Meeting at Tring" by Yvonne Savidge
Touraco Breedings
News Items
Wanted & For Sale

Issue 8 - Autumn 1997
Visit to Blackbrook & AGM
"Talk at Avicultural Day" by Han Assink
David Armitage Bannerman
"Prince Ruspoli's Touraco" by Don Turner
"Touraco Diets & Notes on the Great Blue" by David L. Bender
"Softbills: A Book Review" by John Savidge
"C.I.T.E.S. Controls & Census" by Nigel Hewston
Letters to the Editor
News Items
How about writing an article for your magazine
Wanted & For Sale

Issue 9 - Spring 1998
Budel Meeting
"Urgent Warning" by John & Yvonne Savidge
"Autobiographical Sketch " by R.E. Moreau
"Eastern & Western Grey Plantain-Eaters" by Don Turner
"The Touracos of Putu" by Donald MacIntosh
John G. Williams (1913 - 1997)
Letters to the Editor
Committee Meeting
News Items
Wanted & For Sale


Issue 10 - Autumn 1998
"Aspects of the Musophagidae" by R.E. Moreau
"Touraco Evolution & Ancestry " by Don Turner
"News from Cotswold Wildlife Park" by Louise Peat
Frank Turner
"A.G.M. Report" by Francoise Raison
Notes & News
Wanted & For Sale
Letter to the Editor

Issue 11 - Spring 1999
AGM 1999 I.T.S.
"Autobiography" by R.E. Moreau
"Ecology of T. ruspolii & T. leucotis" by Luca Borghesio
"First Steps with White-cheeks" by Steve Foy
"Anatomy of the Musophagidae" by Georgann B. Johnson
"Livingstone the Explorer" by Yvonne Savidge
I.T.S. Summer Meeting
National Exhibition Report
Wanted & For Sale
Letter to the Editor
I.T.S. Benelux Meeting Report

Issue 12 - Autumn 1999
"Your New Editor" by Louise Peat
"Life with the Livingstone's" by Penny Cockburn
"Western's Go Green" by Nathan Crockford
First Breeding Records for Touracos in the UK
"Touracos (Louries) in Zimbabwe" by Clive Humphreys
"The Long-lost Escapee" by Audrey Perkins
"Great Blue Touracos" by Mhorag Candy
A.G.M. Report
"Touracos Diet" by Georgann Johnson
Wanted & For Sale
1999 Census of Touracos
Visit to Burgers' Bush Zoo
"Fischer's Touraco" by Don Turner

Issue 13 - Spring 2000
"Breeding the Red-crested Touraco" by Bela Pocsi
"National Cage & Aviary Birds Report" by Audrey Perkins
"Ringing in the new Millenium" by Nigel Hewston
"New Product for Touracos" by Russell Liddiatt
"Kuimba Shiri" by Susan Fowkes
"Touraco Census in Spain" by Andres Marin
"Touracos in Britain & Ireland" by Nigel Hewston
"Benelux Meeting" by Rainer Berenz
"Do Touracos benefit from C.I.T.E.S. Legislation?" by Don Turner
"Surplus and Wanted Touracos in Britain" by Nigel Hewston.


Issue 14 - Autumn 2000
"Go Away Birds" by Don Turner
A.G.M. 2000
Next Meeting 03/09/2000
"Beginner's Luck" by Darren Corden
"Names Explained" by Clive Humphreys
"A Tongueless Touraco" by Georgann B. Johnson
"White-cheeked Touraco" by Adrian Jones
"Pathology and Diseases" by J. Waine

Issue 15 - Spring 2001
"Lady Ross's Touraco" by Susan Congdon & Lyn Heller
National Cage & Aviary Bird Show 2000
"Touracos Galore" by Louise Peat
Posters for African Schools
Social Meeting at Birdworld
Wanted & For Sale
"Hand Rearing Diet" by David Jones
"The Handcock Collection" by David Bender
"Comments" by James A. Jobling
"I.T.S. Ringing Scheme 2001" by Nigel Hewston

Issue 16 - Autumn 2001
"Violet Touraco" by Nancy Bent & Francine Corbett
"Strange Nestfellows" by Steve Duncan
Wanted & For Sale
"Iron Storage Disease" by Georgann B. Johnson
"Zanzibar's Touraco" by Luca Borghesio
"Breeding Ross's Touraco" by Newton R. Steel

Issue 17 - Spring 2002
"Chairman's Report" by Andrew Perkins
Social Meeting
"Hand-rearing Louries" by Mossie Weber (South Africa)
"A Survey of the Biology and Conservation Status of Zanzibar Turaco" by Luca Borghesio and others
"Breeding the Hartlaub's Touraco" At The Bobenheim Birdpark, Germany
Wanted & For Sale

Issue 18 - Autumn 2002
"Metabolic Bone Disease" by Dr. Clive W Humphreys
Chairman's Report
"Lourie Collectables" by Clive Humphreys
"From One Small Speck To Man" by Vij Sodera FRCSEd
Membership Figures
"Chicks" by David Jones
"Breeding and Rearing Turacos" by Kateri Davis, Davis Lund Aviaries, USA
Treasurer's Report
"Turaco Diets over the Years" by Clive Humphreys (Ed)
"Touracos at Lisbon Zoo" by Clive Humphreys (Ed) and Eric Bairrao Ruivo


Issue 19 - Spring 2003
Chairman's Report
Wanted & For Sale
"Lumpers & Splitters" by Clive Humphreys
"" by David Jones (Webmaster)
"National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition" by David Jones
"White-cheeked & Ruspoli's Turaco hybrids" by Jean-Marc Lernould & Roland Seitre
"Stamps featuring Turacos" by Clive Humphreys (Ed)
"Turaco Wing Claws" by Paul Wexler
"Census Reporting on Captive Turacos" by Clive Humphreys (Ed)

Issue 20 - Autumn 2003
"A note from your Editor" by Paul Wexler.
"Gems of the African Wilderness" - an article on Touraco management by Bela Pocsi, a member in Hungary.
"The Diet of Wild Grey Go-Away-Birds" by Clive Humphreys.
"Turaco Feathers & Royalty" by Clive Humphreys.
"The Physics of Structural Colours in Bird Feathers (Schemochromes)" by Devorah A. N. Bennu.
"Sub-families & Tribes of Birds Related to Turacos" by Clive Humphreys.
Table of stamps featuring turacos.
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, C.I.T.E.S.
Wanted & For Sale
"Iron Storage Disease (Haemochromatosis) in birds, particularly in Turacos" by Nathan Croxford and Clive Humphreys.

Issue 21 - Spring 2004
"Editors Note" by Paul Wexler.
"An Indoor Aviary for Lady Ross Touracos" by Georgann Johnston, a member in U.S.A.
"Mixing Touracos" by Nigel Hewston.
"National Exhibition report" by David Jones.
"Report on Social Meeting at Beale Park" by David Jones.
"Exchanging Touracos" by David Jones.
News from the 'News / One-liners' page on the website.
Wanted & For Sale
"Touracos as a Standard of Culture" by Béla Pócsi.
"The Stafford Sale" by David Jones.

Issue 22 - Autumn 2004
"Editors Note" by Paul Wexler.
"From your new Chairman" by David Jones.
"The 'Cheek-Marking' group of Touracos" by Clive Humphreys.
"South African Study Tour" by Paul Wexler.
I.T.S. Sale Items: mugs, posters and lithographs.
2005 A.G.M. advance notice.
"Cotswold's Touracos get new home" by Louise Peat.
"Sexual Dimorphism in Touracos" by Clive Humphreys.
"First attempts with Touracos" by Ollie Cullen.
"Observations of flower buds, petals, pollen and nectar eaten by Touracos" by Clive Humphreys.
"Novel livefood in the diet of captive Touracos" by Clive Humphreys.
Wanted & For Sale
Autumn Social Meeting - advertisement by Nigel Hewston.


Issue 23 - Spring 2005
Editors Note by Paul Wexler.
'A Note from your Chairman' by David Jones.
ITS Mugs for Sale.
'The Flight of Turacos' by Clive Humphreys.
'Blue Touraco breeding and hand rearing' by Owen Joiner.
'Breeding the Violaceous Touraco at the Bobenheim Birdpark, Germany' by Rainer Berenz.
'Fruit Species Eaten by Louries' by Clive Humphreys.
'Maintaining and Breeding the Red-crested Touraco' by Owen Joiner.
'Iron Storage and it's Pathology in Point Form for Turaco Enthusiasts' by Clive Humphreys.
Wanted & For Sale

Issue 24 - Autumn 2005
Editorial by Clive Humphreys.
Chairman's Report by David Jones.
Treasurer's Report by Darron Corden.
'Nesting of the Knysna Touraco' by Hubert Astley (1908).
'Breeding Buffon's Touraco in France' by Jean Delacour (1916).
News from the ITS Website.
Merchandise / Sales & Wants
'Ecology of White-cheeked Touraco in Southern Ethiopia' by Luca Borghesio.
'Turaco Hybrids' by Clive Humphreys.

Issue 25 - Spring 2006
Editorial by David Jones.
Committee vacancies by Nigel Hewston.
Some observations of captive Musophagidae by Myles Lamont.
'The Yellow-billed Touraco' by Graham Renshaw (1914).
What hides behind the name and song of touracos? by Béla Pócsi.
'Notes on Hartlaub's Touraco' by D.H.S. Risdon (1954).
News and merchandise from the ITS Website.
Similarities between the Hoatzin and Turacos' by Clive Humphreys.
Obituary: Ken Semple by Terry Sayers and Ivan Jones.
Wanted and for Sale.

Issue 26 – Autumn 2006
Editorial by Clive Humphreys
Touracos or Turacos? by Clive Humphreys
Chairman’s Report by David Jones
Some Brief Notes on Hybridisation in Turacos by Myles Lamont
Other Turaco Hybrids by Clive Humphreys
Rare Island Turacos by Clive Humphreys
Veterinary Notes on Avian Malaria in Knysna Turacos by Clive Humphreys
On the Nesting of Fraser’s Touracou by W.P. Pycraft (1904)
News from the Committee Members


Issue 27 – Spring 2007
Editorial by Clive Humphreys
Trapline & Feeding-party Behaviour by Clive Humphreys
The White-cheeked Turaco by Gail Harland
Turacos on the Internet
Phylogenetics of Yellow-billed Turacos by Clive Humphreys
News from the Website by Sue Tugwell
'Our Cover' The Great Blue Turaco by Clive Humphreys
Notes on Turacos in Qatar by Simon Bruslund Jensen
A Simple Classification for Turacos by Clive Humphreys and Howard Robinson
Turaco Husbandry & Conservation by Mark Armitage
Book Reviews
I.T.S. Merchandise

Issue 28 – Autumn 2007
Editorial and Chairman's AGM Report by David Jones
Breeding White-bellied Turacos by Alan Rice
News from the Website
Turacos at the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation in Qatar by Simon Bruslund Jensen
Turacos in Ethiopia by Clive Humphreys
The Grey Plantain-eater by Davina Kawuma
Feeding of the Great Blue Turaco by Davina Kawuma
Member News
Short Articles by Clive Humphreys
A Note from the Co-Editor - Clive Humphreys
I.T.S. Merchandise

Issue 29 – Spring 2008
Editorial by David Jones
Report from ITS Stand at Autumn Sale by Clive Humphreys
Keeping Turacos by Peter Legg
The Doves, Parrots, Louries and Cuckoos of Southern Africa reviewed by Clive Humphreys
European Zoos Involved in Turaco Conservation by David Gomis
Turacos - Personal Observations: Part 1 by Gareth Freeman
Notes from the Co-Editor Clive Humphreys: Poisonous Plants and Turacos, Ruwenzori Turacos, Ethiopian Project
Assessment of the Influences of Hybridization and Habitat Destruction to the Survival of Prince Ruspoli's Turaco by Tolera Kumsa
Member News
Foreign Bird Federation by Nigel Hewston

Issue 30 – Autumn 2008
Editorial by David Jones
Chairman's Report by David Jones
Report from ITS stand at the Spring Bird Sale in Stafford by Clive Humphreys
Are Fischer's Turacos less threatened than believed? by Jean-Marc Lernould
Turaco Colouration by Clive Humphreys
Breeding Western Grey Plantain-eaters by Peter Legg
Is the Hoatzin a Turaco? by J. M. Hughes & A. J. Baker
Turacos - Personal Observations: Part 2 by Gareth Freeman
Short Turaco Notes by Clive Humphreys
Prince Ruspoli's Turacos - Adapted from the Internet
Tauraco macrorhynchus and T. persa in North- Eastern Gabon by J. -P. Decoux and C. Erard
Member News from the Website - Ewen Rennie


Issue 31 - Spring 2009
Editorial by David Jones
Report of Birdwatching Trip to Gambia by J. C. Waine
Birds of Africa South of the Sahara - Reviewed by David Jones
Spring Bird Show at Stafford - David Jones
World Championship and Exhibition of Show Birds by Béla Pócsi
Regurgitation by Béla Pócsi
The Necessity of Protein Intake during the Development Stage of Turaco Chicks by Béla Pócsi
Breeding the Violaceous Turaco (Musophaga violacea) by Geoff Bailey
Is Ruspoli's Turaco threatened by hybridization with White-cheeked Turaco? by Luca Borghesio, Tolera Kumsa, Jean-Marc Lernould and Afework Bekele
Turacos, Aviaries and Plants by Les Disley
Member News: Photographs from Argentina by Peter Munk

Issue 32 - Autumn 2009
Editorial by David Jones
Chairman's Report - I.T.S. AGM April 2009 by David Jones
Breeding the Lady Ross Turaco (Musophaga rossae) at Cotswold Wildlife Park by Christopher Green
Visit to Attica Zoo, Greece by Ben Potterton
The Mystery of Turacin and Turacoverdin: Why do Turacos have Unique Feather Pigments? by Drs. Wendy Hood and Geoffrey Hill
Taxidermy by Lee Hanson
On the Look-out for Turacos - School Exchange to Kenya by Jade Jones
Notes from the Co-editor: Turaco Management Issues; Census Taking, Data on & the Status of Turacos in Captivity; Aggression in Captive Birds; Trapping and Handling Turacos; Cordia Berries
Member News: Clive Humphreys, Andrew and Audrey Perkins, Chris Green, Darren Lanca, Jonathan Beilby and David Woolcock

Issue 33 - Spring 2010
Editorial by David Jones
Wilhelma Zoo - a Whistle-stop Tour by Gail Harland
Turaco Show in Tapolca, Hungary by Béla Pócsi
Collecting Turaco Feathers for my Collection by Srdjan Cuturilov
Memories of Turacos by Keith Smith
"What on Earth is a Turaco?" by Sheri Hanna
Birding in South Africa with EcoTraining by Sheri Hanna
Welcome to the Home of the Great Blue Turacos by Pierre Moisson
Member News: David Jones - Misshapen egg, Nelson Nóbrega - Portugal and a trip to South Africa, Alan Emery - 2009 Breeding Season
Update on Turacos in Ethiopia by Dr. Jean-Marc Lernould
Turacos in British Zoos by Jonathan Beilby

Issue 34 - Autumn 2010
Editorial by David Jones
Chairman's Report - I.T.S. AGM April 2010 by David Jones
Breeding Attempts of Musophaga species at Edinburgh Zoo, RZSS by Gavin Harrison, Senior Bird Keeper
Breeding of the Green-crested Turaco Tauraco Persa Persa by Craig Holmes, Senior Head Keeper
Avian Rearing Resource Website by Louise Peat
Turaco photos by Hugh Chittenden
Proposal for fundraising towards a data collection expedition for Red-crested Turaco by Louise Peat
An Artist's Encounter with a Red-crested Turaco by Romaine Dennistoun
Long-term Hopes with White-cheeked Turacos by David Wardell
Notes from Clive Humphreys: (A) Longevity in Turacos and Hornbills (B) Incubation settings for Turacos
Member News:
Cotswold Wildlife Park - Turacos in 2010 by Chris Green
Blackbrook - Turaco Update by Jonathan Beilby
Chris Green - Baby Jack
Nigel Hewston - Marriage
Clive Humphreys - Son Jasper
Daniel Almaguer - Great Blue and Violaceous photographs
Jonathan Beilby - White-cheeked at last
David Wardell - Turaco paintings
The effects of age! by Louise Peat - Registrar, CWP
Help with a problem - by Jason Waine
An unusual sighting in Malaysia - by Harry Boswell


Issue 35 - Spring 2011
Editorial by David Jones
Safari to Kenya by Hadrian Kibblewhite
Turacos in USA Zoos by Jonathan Beilby
Turacos in Brazil by Ana Júlia Moraes Andreatta Rela and Carlos Alberto Polezel Filho
High densities of Prince Ruspoli's Turaco by Alazar Daka, Luca Borghesio, Jean-Marc Lernould and Afework Bekele
Status of Turacos Held in the USA by Kateri J. Davis
Survey of Red-crested Turaco in Angola by Louise Peat
Visit to Blackbrook by Nigel Hewston
Member News:
Nigel Hewston - Topiary Turaco
Peter Munk - Rearing News
Daniel Almaguer - Photo with Goura victoria 3 months old
Jonathan Beilby - His own White-cheeked and Visit to Blackbrook
Clive Humphreys - With his son Jasper

Issue 36 - Autumn 2011
Editorial by David Jones
Chairman's Report - I.T.S. AGM April 2011 David Jones
Review of 'Birdkeeping the South African Way' Keeping and Breeding Softbills Part 5 by David Jones
New studies find challenges and opportunities for the conservation of Prince Ruspoli's Turaco, an endemic bird of Southern Ethiopia by Alazar Daka, Tolera Kumsa, Luca Borghesio, Jean-Marc Lernould and Afework Bekele
Hand Rearing a Great Blue Turaco Corythaeola cristata at Paradise Park, Hayle, Cornwall by Rebecca Waite
Some Health Problems Experienced by the Musophagidae by J.C.Waine, B.Vet.Med., MRCVS
Member News:
Turaco's Afro Breeder - Nelson Nobrega
Garry Chapman

Issue 37 - Spring 2012
Editorial by David Jones
Introduction to Denis Twinamatsiko Our Man in Uganda by Denis Twinamatsiko
Introducing Musa Jatta - Turaco Man in the Gambia by Musa Jatta
Introducing Our Additional Co-Editor - Jonathan Beilby by David Jones
Haven for Turacos by Ron Toft
My New Aviary Construction by David Jones
Review of Turacos – A Natural History of the Musophagidae by Forshaw & Cooper by David Jones
Birdwatch: Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco by Stephen Moss
Turacos at the Natural History Museum Oldenburg, Germany by Kay Fuhrmann
The Turacos of Bristol Zoo by Kate Atwell
The End of an Era – Raymond Sawyer Reproduced from the Avicultural Society website, February 2012
The Importance of Red Turaco Flight Feathers in the Royal Swazi Regalia by Clive Humphreys
Introducing Michael Mills – Ornithologist in Angola by Michael Mills
Update on Red-crested Turaco Survey in Angola by Louise Peat
Member News: Clive Humphreys, Nigel Hewston, Béla Pócsi and Romaine Dennistoun

Issue 38 - Winter 2012 / 13
Editorial David Jones
Chairman’s Report – I.T.S. AGM April 2012 David Jones
Rearing the Violet Turaco by Andrea Gruntova
A visit to the Czech Republic by Nigel Hewston
Aggressive Behaviour in Turaco Species by Louise Peat
ITS Stand at Stafford Show 14/10/12 by David Jones
Turaco Photo by Tod Peterson
On the Coffee Farm with Turacos by Denis Twinamatsiko
The Aims of the International Turaco Society 2013 by Clive Humphreys
Turacos in Old South African Book ‘Zoology of South Africa’ by Dr. Andrew Smith 1839 by David Jones
Transitional subspecies between Knysna, Livingstone's and Schalow's Turaco populations and their patchy distribution by Clive Humphreys
ITS Editorial Notes by Clive Humphreys
Return Visit to California by Jonathan Beilby
A Gambian Holiday by Patricia and Brian Faulkner
Member News: Jonathan Beilby, Cotswold Wildlife Park by Chris Green, Mrs. C. Sear, Nigel Hewston and Adriano Di Ruscio


Issue 39 - Summer 2013
Editorial and Wild Sightings Georgie Jefferies
Chairman’s Report – I.T.S. AGM April 2013 David Jones
Breeding of ESB Species The Red-crested Turaco at The Living Rainforest by Georgie Jefferies and Lisa Clifforde
Turaco Crossword by James Taylor
Community Share Pages - All members
Aggressive Behaviour by Nigel Hewston
Studying for a PhD in Angola by Aimy Cacares
Journal Publications of Turaco Research by Georgie Jefferies
Questions posed to Dr Alan Kemp - Clive Humphreys
More Wild Sightings by Georgie Jefferies
Member News: David Jones

Issue 40 - Winter 2013
Editorial - Georgie Jefferies
Twenty Years of ITS - Nigel Hewston
Turacos at Birdland - Alistair Keen
Community Share Pages - All members
Turaco Diet - Peter Legg
Breeding the Red-crested Turaco at Cotswold Wildlife Park - Chris Green
White-cheeked Turaco in France - Georgie Jefferies
Limited edition pin badge to celebrate Livingstone's bicentenary - RSPB
Who are you? - Georgie Jefferies
Red-crested Turaco Digestibility Study - Alex Hulbert
Turaco Genetic Study - Stewart Thompson
Plumage colour in Tauraco p. persa and p. buffoni - Nigel Hewston
Turacos in Blantyre, Malawi - Will Rees
Conservation News - Claire Ingram/Georgie Jefferies
Avian vocalisations - Georgie Jefferies

Issue 41 - Summer 2014
Editorial - Georgie Jefferies
Chairman's Report - David Jones
ITS Facebook Page - Georgie Jefferies
Rearing two White-cheeked Turacos from hatching - Christine Sear
Community Share Pages - All members
The Gladys Porter Zoo - Jonathan Beilby
Rainforests Quiz - Georgie Jefferies
New Subscription / Membership Rates and some Turaco Notes - Clive Humphreys
Whose bird? - Jonathan Beilby
The Turacos of Edinburgh Zoo - Nicolas Dowling
Farewell - Jonathan Beilby
Genetic diversity within captive populations of turaco - Professor Stewart Thompson and Abigail Bailey

Issue 42 - Winter 2014
Editorial - Georgie Jefferies
Journal Publications of Turaco Research - Georgie Jefferies
Iselbergs and Turacos - Clive Humphreys
Jurong Bird Park - Editor's Interview with Dr Luis Carlos, Assistant Director
Egg-laying (Oviposition) Times in Turacos - Clive Humphreys
Community Share Pages - What substrate do you supply your turacos?
Some Thoughts on Turaco Diet - Nigel Hewston
Tropical Visitor to Kent - Jennifer
Breast Wash Colouration in Turacos - Clive Humphreys
PhD Report from Angola - Louise Peat
Kumbira Field Trip Report 2014 - Aimy Cáceres Pinedo
Red-crested Turaco Nutritional Study: One year on - Alex Hulbert
One Minute Interview - Alex Hulbert
Anecdote - Ross's Turaco in British Film - Clive Humphreys
Word Search Quiz - Clive Humphreys
Turaco Taxonomy - Related to Bustards it Seems! - Jonathan Beilby


Issue 43 - Spring 2015
Editorial - Georgie Jefferies
AGM at Cotswold Wildlife Park on 13th April 2014 and other I.T.S. activities during 2014 - Clive Humphreys
Turaco Genetic Study - Stewart and Abby still need your help.
Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts - Georgie Jefferies
Puzzle Corner - Georgie Jefferies
Answers to Clive's Quiz in Issue 42 - David Jones
Community Share Pages: 'Construction Materials'
Book Review 'Turacos in Aviculture' - Clive Humphreys
To Head Zookeepers & Breeders in N. America - Nikki Smith
New I.T.S. Member in Cameroon - Simon Tamungang
Avian Egg Incubation Workshop 2015 - Nikki Smith
Features of African Geography and their Contributions to Speciation of its Indigenous Turacos (and Hornbills) - Clive Humphreys
Turacos in Semi-desert - Clive Humphreys
Turacos on Oceanic Islands - Clive Humphreys
Presenting at the EAZA Conference - Alex Hulbert
Turaco in Langton Green Update - Jennifer / Georgie Jefferies
Observation of Pink or Purple Flecking on a Mature White-cheeked Turaco - David Jones

Issue 44 - Autumn 2015
Editorial & Cardiff Turaco - Georgie Jefferies
Social Media Update - James Taylor
African Outreach - Clive Humphreys
Puzzle Corner and Answers to 'Who am I?' in Issue 43 - Georgie Jefferies
A Month at Cotswold Wildlife Park - James Taylor
Turaco Inspired 'Arts & Crafts' - Georgie Jefferies
Urban Population Densities of Turacos - Clive Humphreys
Member News
Preserving a Livingstone's Turaco Skeleton - Melanie Gould
Anecdote of Turaco Place Names - Clive Humphreys
Community Share Pages - All members
Chairman's Report - ITS AGM April 2015 - David Jones

Issue 45 - Summer 2016
ditorial - Georgie Jefferies
Turaco Research Project - Abigail Bailey
The splitting of the Brown-faced Go-away Bird from the Black-faced Go-away Bird - Clive Humphreys
Turaco Inspired Art - Georgie Jefferies
Turacos at Bobenheim-Roxheim Bird Park - Rainer Berenz
Breeding Great Blue Turacos at Nashville Zoo - Rebecca Bell
Positive Lists and Turacos - Clive Humphreys
Answers to Sudoku in Magazine 44
Puzzle Corner - Georgie Jefferies
Frequently Asked Questions - Georgie Jefferies
Community Share Pages – Turaco Enrichment - Various
Chairman’s Report April 2016 - David Jones

Issue 46 - Winter 2016
Editorial – James Taylor
Turaco Summer – Holly Dene
Turacos like to rock? – James Taylor
Show News – Clive Humphreys
Species in Focus
‘National Birds of the World’ by Ron Toft - Book review by Clive Humphreys
Turacos in the UK – A review of 2016 – James Taylor
My Life with a Violet Turaco – Kate Stewart
Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts – Chris Maynard
The beginnings of Turaco Hilton – Mark Smith
Frequently Asked Questions
Community Share Pages – Clive Humphreys
Turacos for Sale and Wanted


Issue 47 - Summer 2017
Editorial – James Taylor
Community conservation of turacos by villages around the Bali Ngemba Forest Reserve, Northwest Region, Cameroon – Beltin Nja T, Simon A. Tamungang and Taku Awa II
Species in Focus Red-crested Turaco, Tauraco erythrolophus
Questions & Answers - Wing Claws in Turacos – Vicky Vandewiele & Clive Humphreys
Chairman’s Report April 2017 - David Jones
From Hoarding Seizure to a New Life at the Zoo - Kate Stewart
Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts – Heather Ward
A Guide to Avian Enrichment - Richard Morrilly
Frequently Asked Questions
Community Share Pages

Issue 48 - Winter 2017
Editorial – James Taylor
Bannerman’s Turaco: The King of the Bamenda Highland Forest – Didacus Mfombo
My Experiences with Turacos – Wim De Buck
2018, Year of the Turaco; an Awareness Raising Tool for Sustainable Conservation Action in Cameroon – Mfombo Foundation
Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts – Sebastian Stevenson
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Turaco Husbandry Tips

Issue 49 - Spring 2018
Editorial – James Taylor
How to prevent turaco escapes – Louise Peat, James Taylor and David Jones
Winter at the Turaco Hilton – Mark Smith
EAZA Best Practice Guidelines for Turaco – Louise Peat
Chairman’s Report – March 2018 – David Jones
25th Annual General Meeting – Report – James Taylor
Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts – Andreas Cullen
I.T.S. – International Turaco Society Facebook Group – James Taylor
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Issue 50 - Autumn 2018
Editorial – James Taylor
Turaco Taxidermy – Daniëlle Frenken
UN Issues Turaco Stamps
Feathered fruit-eater frozen in fossil form - A North American fossil turaco, and the complex biogeographichistory of modern birds – Dr Daniel J. Field & Allison Hsiang
Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts – In the Purple Field – Becky Tyler
I.T.S. at Beale Park
Peter Legg – I.T.S. Committee Member for 25 Years
Extract from I.T.S. Magazine Issue 1, June 1993
Extract from I.T.S. Magazine Issue 23, Spring 2005
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Issue 51 - Summer 2019
Editorial - David Jones
Schalow’s Turaco - From Rescue to Release - Alma van Dorenmalen
Michel Klat – Obituary - Audrey Perkins
Update on the Year of the Turaco Celebration in Cameroon - Mfombo Didacus Tamambang
Unidentified Turaco - Estelle Hoffman
Great Blue Turaco - Louise Peat
I.T.S. Facebook Group News - Clive Humphreys
Louise Peat Committee Member
Tori Turaco - Louise Peat
The Turacos of Birds At Thirty - Antony Clarke
Visit to Birds At Thirty - Jasper Humphreys
The International Turaco Society SupportsThe Vrettos Award Scheme - Sarah Fox
Calling all website designers - Louise Peat

Issue 52 - Winter 2019
Editorial by Abbie Loader
White-cheeked Turacos at Linton Zoo by James Welch
The Greys by Louise Peat
Breeding the Grey Touraco at Jersey Zoo by Grenville Roles
Vera the Violet Turaco by Jamie Baker
Turacos of the World Word Search
My Role on the ITS Committee by David Jones
Recent Turaco Research by Abbie Loader
Turacos through Time by Joanne Cooper
A Day at the Centre in Malawi by Alma van Dorenmalen
International Turaco Society AGM


Issue 53 - Summer 2020
Editorial by Abbie Loader
Zeta the Red-crested Turaco by Aeralyn Rudnick
Sherry McKelvie Photography
Iron Content of Softbill Pellets vs Fresh Fruit by Ado Schellekens
Chairman’s Report by David Jones
ITS Members Worldwide
Turacos Abroad by Chris Green
Turaco Coin by Hannah Humphreys
A New Study 2020 reviewed by Abbie Loader
Turaco Quiz
The Violet Ones by Louise Peat
Breeding Ross’s Touraco by Newton R Steel
Quiz Answers

Issue 54 - Winter 2020
Editorial by Abbie Loader
Turacos in the Classroom by Scott Golden
The Redheads by Louise Peat
Celestial Wonders by Aeralyn Rudnick
International Turaco Society Links
Turaco Themed Crossword
The Vrettos Award Scheme 2020 by Sarah Fox
What Do Free Flying Turacos Eat in the UK? by Clive Humphreys
2020 Worldwide Turaco Census Report by Kateri J Davis
Our ITS Facebook Page by Clive Humphreys
Turaco Themed Crossword Answers

Issue 55 - Summer 2021
Editorial by Abbie Loader
International Turaco Society AGM 2021
Chairman’s Report 2021 David Jones
Zanzibar Turaco Survey Martijn Blok
The Go-Away Bird Book Review Clive Humphreys
Paradise Park Confiscated Birds Online Article Reprint
Attempted Integration of Multiple Turaco Species Summary by Clive Humphreys
ITS Membership Map
My Role on the ITS Committee Jonathan Beilby
Woodland Park Zoo Turaco Online Article Reprint
Turaco Identification Quiz
Turaco Enrichment Abbie Loader and Megan Howard
Quiz Answers

Issue 56 - Winter 2021
Editorial Abbie Loader
Birdsong and Animal Sounds Jasper Humphreys
Extract from Avian Vocalisations Georgie Jefferies
Avian Vocalisations Wordsearch
Names for Young Animals Hannah Humphreys
Our Turaco Nursery at Paradise Park Online Article Reprint
Chirping with the Kloof Conservancy - The Purple-crested Turaco Online Article Reprint
Turacos in the Gambia Peter van Ooijen
International Turaco Society AGM 2022
Turacos Around the House Beth Maley
Anecdotes of Hand-reared Turaco ‘Roosty’ in Portugal Mercedes Bohm
Ringing Turacos: The Basics Abbie Loader and David Jones
Wordsearch Answers
Turaco Research Explained Abbie Loader

Issue 57 - Spring 2022
Editorial Abbie Loader
Early Encounters with Turacos Nigel Hewston
International Turaco Society AGM 2022
Riddles Clive Humphreys
Famous Mural Cornell University
What is your Diagnosis? Abbie Loader
Turaco Questions and Answers
Raising International Awareness Rainer Berenz
Using Pin Badges to Promote Turaco Conservation David Jones
A Silliness of Collective Nouns Clive Humphreys
A Strop of Kwevoëls or Strops Clive Humphreys
News from Paradise Park Abbie Loader
Turaco Keeping 200 Years Ago Nigel Hewston
Riddle Answers

Issue 58 - Autumn 2022
Editorial Abbie Loader
International Turaco Society AGM 2022
Chairman’s Report 2022 David Jones
Go-away-bird Behaviour Clive Humphreys
Parrot Society UK Stafford Show David Jones
ITS Members’ Survey April 2022 Louise Peat
Breeding Lady Ross’s Turacos Jean Pierre Ricard
Turaco Matching Game
Biodiversity Heritage Library Nigel Hewston
Turacos in Other Languages Clive Humphreys
Animal Jam Classic
International Turaco Society Social Media Updates
Some Observations of Musophagidae in Captivity – Recap Myles Lamont 2005
Turacos in the Feathered World Rainer Berenz
Turaco Matching Game Answers

Issue 59 - Spring 2023
Editorial Abbie Loader
Cooperative Breeding of Turacos Clive Humphreys
Turaco Artwork Natalie van Wyk
Wings of the World at Audubon Zoo Abbie Loader
New Turaco Research Abbie Loader
Turaco Themed Riddles Clive Humphreys
A Prince Among Men? Nigel Hewston
Call Me By Your Name Nigel Hewston
Liaams Widllife Photography Liaams Photos
Bird Flu Updates Abbie Loader
Keep Safe and Carry On Louise Peat
The Taxonomic Status of Crimson-crested Turacos Summary by Abbie Loader
Facebook Highlights Clive Humphreys
Turaco Riddle Answers

Issue 60 - Winter 2023
Editorial Abbie Loader
The History of the word ‘Knysna’ Clive Humphreys
Blue Turaco Coffee Abbie Loader
A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots Harteman Wildfowl Aviaries Facebook
Yellow-billed Turaco vintage fine art print by artist Schlegel
Roding, Wing-flashing and Skylarking Behaviour in Turacos Clive Humphreys
Turaco Research Beth Griffin and James Brereton
Dinosaur Feathers Reveal Traces of Ancient Proteins University College Cork
Yellow-billed Turacos Clive Humphreys
Chairman’s Report - AGM David Jones
Recent Facebook Contributions 2023 Clive Humphreys
Swazi Royal Family Nina Dlamini
Turacos of the World Quiz
ITS Support for Bird Trade Programme
Bird Art and Artists Facebook Group Abbie Loader
Turaco Quiz Answers


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