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The International Turaco Society Magazine is published twice each year. This contains reports on behavioural and breeding activities, in the wild, species distribution in Africa, as well as news items regarding developments in husbandry techniques for birds in captivity.

Issue 52 Winter 2019 has been sent out to 2019 members.

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Winter 2019 Issue No. 52

Issue 52

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The Winter 2019 magazine features the following articles:

Editorial by Abbie Loader

White-cheeked Turacos at Linton Zoo by James Welch

The Greys by Louise Peat

Breeding the Grey Touraco at Jersey Zoo by Grenville Roles

Vera the Violet Turaco by Jamie Baker

Turacos of the World Word Search

My Role on the ITS Committee by David Jones

Recent Turaco Research by Abbie Loader

Turacos through Time by Joanne Cooper

A Day at the Centre in Malawi by Alma van Dorenmalen

International Turaco Society AGM

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Regular features

Regular features include reports from the I.T.S. stand at Bird Shows, information about Society meetings and member news from across the world. We also include "Wanted & For Sale" adverts, free to I.T.S. members.

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