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The International Turaco Society Magazine is published twice each year. This contains reports on behavioural and breeding activities, in the wild, species distribution in Africa, as well as news items regarding developments in husbandry techniques for birds in captivity.

Issue 50 Autumn 2018 has been sent out to 2018/9 members.

Issue 51 is now being compiled.  Please contact James if you have any content which could be included in future issues (contact details below).

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Autumn 2018 Issue No. 50

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The Autumn 2018 magazine features the following articles:

Editorial – James Taylor

Turaco Taxidermy – Daniëlle Frenken

UN Issues Turaco Stamps

Feathered fruit-eater frozen in fossil form - A North American fossil turaco, and the complex biogeographic history of modern birds – Dr Daniel J. Field & Allison Hsiang

Turaco Inspired Arts & Crafts – In the Purple Field – Becky Tyler

I.T.S. at Beale Park

Peter Legg – I.T.S. Committee Member for 25 Years

Extract from I.T.S. Magazine Issue 1, June 1993

Extract from I.T.S. Magazine Issue 23, Spring 2005

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Copy for the next Issue is welcome. Texts and images can be sent direct to the editor:

James Taylor, 28 Mill Lane, Barton-under-Needwood, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 8HE, U.K.


Regular features

Regular features include reports from the I.T.S. stand at Bird Shows, information about Society meetings and member news from across the world. We also include "Wanted & For Sale" adverts, free to I.T.S. members.

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