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Issue No. 22 Autumn 2004

The Autumn 2004 magazine featured:

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Editors Note by Paul Wexler.

'From your new Chairman' by David Jones.

The 'Cheek-Marking' group of Touracos by Clive Humphreys.

South African Study Tour by Paul Wexler.

I.T.S. Sale Items: mugs, posters and lithographs.

2005 A.G.M. advance notice.

Cotswold's Touracos get new home by Louise Peat.

Sexual Dimorphism in Touracos by Clive Humphreys.

First attempts with Touracos by Ollie Cullen.

Observations of flower buds, petals, pollen and nectar eaten by Touracos by Clive Humphreys.

Novel livefood in the diet of captive Touracos by Clive Humphreys.

Wanted & For Sale

Autumn Social Meeting - advertisement by Nigel Hewston.



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