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Issue No. 40 Winter 2013

The Winter 2013 magazine featured:

Issue 40

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Editorial - Georgie Jefferies

Twenty Years of ITS - Nigel Hewston

Turacos at Birdland - Alistair Keen

Community Share Pages - All members

Turaco Diet - Peter Legg

Breeding the Red-crested Turaco at Cotswold Wildlife Park - Chris Green

White-cheeked Turaco in France - Georgie Jefferies

Limited edition pin badge to celebrate Livingstone's bicentenary - RSPB

Who are you? - Georgie Jefferies

Red-crested Turaco Digestibility Study - Alex Hulbert

Turaco Genetic Study - Stewart Thompson

Plumage colour in Tauraco p. persa and p. buffoni - Nigel Hewston

Turacos in Blantyre, Malawi - Will Rees

Conservation News - Claire Ingram/Georgie Jefferies

Avian vocalisations - Georgie Jefferies ’s



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