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Winter 2021 Issue No. 56

Issue 56

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The Winter 2021 magazine features the following articles:

Editorial Abbie Loader

Birdsong and Animal Sounds Jasper Humphreys

Extract from Avian Vocalisations Georgie Jefferies

Avian Vocalisations Wordsearch

Names for Young Animals Hannah Humphreys

Our Turaco Nursery at Paradise Park Online Article Reprint

Chirping with the Kloof Conservancy - The Purple-crested Turaco Online Article Reprint

Turacos in the Gambia Peter van Ooijen

International Turaco Society AGM 2022

Turacos Around the House Beth Maley

Anecdotes of Hand-reared Turaco ‘Roosty’ in Portugal Mercedes Bohm

Ringing Turacos: The Basics Abbie Loader and David Jones

Wordsearch Answers

Turaco Research Explained Abbie Loader



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