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Winter 2023 Issue No. 60

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The Winter 2023 magazine features the following articles:

Editorial Abbie Loader

The History of the word ‘Knysna’ Clive Humphreys

Blue Turaco Coffee Abbie Loader

A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots Harteman Wildfowl Aviaries Facebook

Yellow-billed Turaco vintage fine art print by artist Schlegel

Roding, Wing-flashing and Skylarking Behaviour in Turacos Clive Humphreys

Turaco Research Beth Griffin and James Brereton

Dinosaur Feathers Reveal Traces of Ancient Proteins University College Cork

Yellow-billed Turacos Clive Humphreys

Chairman’s Report - AGM David Jones

Recent Facebook Contributions 2023 Clive Humphreys

Swazi Royal Family Nina Dlamini

Turacos of the World Quiz

ITS Support for Bird Trade Programme

Bird Art and Artists Facebook Group Abbie Loader

Turaco Quiz Answers



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