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Issue No. 13 Spring 2000

The Spring 2000 magazine featured:



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"Breeding the Red-crested Touraco" by Bela Pocsi

"National Cage & Aviary Birds Report" by Audrey Perkins

"Ringing in the new Millenium" by Nigel Hewston

"New Product for Touracos" by Russell Liddiatt

"Kuimba Shiri" by Susan Fowkes

"Touraco Census in Spain" by Andres Marin

"Touracos in Britain & Ireland" by Nigel Hewston

"Benelux Meeting" by Rainer Berenz

"Do Touracos benefit from C.I.T.E.S. Legislation" by Don Turner

"Surplus and Wanted Touracos in Britain" by Nigel Hewston.



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