Purple-crested Turaco

Distribution map of Purple-crested Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Purple-crested Turaco

(Tauraco porphyreolophus)

Two sub-species:

(T.p.porphyreolophus, T.p.chloroclamys)

Purple-crested Turaco. Click to enlarge.

The Purple-crested Turaco has previously been considered parapathic with Musophaga, though it does bear morphological similarities with Tauraco species. The nominate features a salmon wash on anterior chest up towards the throat, around the neck and nape. This is lacking in T.p.chloroclamys whose neck plumage is olive green. Robust dark purple crest and metallic green on the lores and face to the coverts make for easy identification. The species typically measures around 42-46cm from beak to tail and weighs approximately 200-290g. Within its distribution the Purple-crested Turaco prefers moist woodland habitats from sea level - 1850m where it feeds on wild and cultivated fruits.

CITES II: Not globally threatened.

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