Red-crested Turaco

Distribution map of Red-crested Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Red-crested Turaco

(Tauraco erythrolophus)

Red-crested Turaco. Click to enlarge.
Red-crested turacos are monotypic, but allopatric to Bannerman's Turaco. A striking species, this Turaco is easily identified by its vivid red crest, white face and yellow beak. They are sometimes known as "Angolan Turacos". The average Red-crested measures approximately 40-43cm beak to tail, and weighs around 210-325g. Little is known about the Red-crested Turaco in the wild. Its preferred habitats are, as with many other species, woodland and forestry where it is able to feed on available fruits. This species has been very popular among UK enthusiasts for a number of years, breeding readily in many collections. The species is now being monitored under a European Stud Book at the Cotswold Wildlife Park by Louise Peat.

CITES II: Not globally threatened, but clearly insufficiently known.

European Red-crested Turaco Holders

I am interested in hearing from any aviculturists that hold Red-crested Turacos. In 2006 the European Studbook (ESB) for this species was started and I am now trying to locate all Red-crested Turacos currently in the private sector European wide in an attempt to establish pedigrees for all individuals in order to source new founder birds, bringing in much needed new bloodlines to the ESB.

It is now more important than ever to maintain bird species in captivity responsibly to secure the future of captive populations.

Any holders interested in working alongside with the ESB to swap bloodlines or husbandry information please contact me.

Louise Peat
Cotswold Wildlife Park,
Oxon., OX18 4JP.
Tel: 01993 823908

I look forward to hearing from you.

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