Ross's Turaco

Distribution map of Ross's Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Ross's Turaco

(Musophaga rossae)

Ross's Turaco. Click to enlarge.

The Ross's is monotypic, but is considered to form a super-species with M.violacea. Fragmented populations are not considered speciated. As a species, Ross's Turaco is even larger than the Violaceous. The second largest of all Turaco species, Ross's typically measures between 51 and 54 cm, and weighs between 390 and 444 grams. Other differentiation from the Violaceous can be observed in that M.rossae have an impressive red erectile crest, yellow lores, and a yellow beak which stretches posteriorly to form a forehead shield. The yellow colouring continues, to form a periopthalmic ring. Throughout its distribution, Ross's Turaco inhabits woodlands from sea level to 2500 m, feeding off available wild and cultivated fruits and arthropods.

CITES: Not globally threatened. Considered relatively common in parts of its range.

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