Ruwenzori Turaco

Distribution map of Ruwenzori Turacos. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Ruwenzori Turaco (johnstoni). Click to enlarge.

Ruwenzori Turacos

(Ruwenzorornis johnstoni)

Two sub-species:

left (R.j.johnstoni,

R.j.kivuensis) right

Ruwenzori Turaco (kivuensis). Click to enlarge.

Previously considered parapatric with Musophaga, the species measures approximately 45cm beak to tail, and weighs around 211-259g. Within its distribution the Ruwenzori inhabits woodlands from 2000 to 3600m. It feeds generally on fruits, but also other plant material and some arthropods.

CITES II: Not globally threatened. Generally supposed common, though its range is restricted.

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