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Items currently for sale include:


Zanzibar Turaco Pin Badge - £2.50 each plus p&p

Zanzibar Turaco pin badge

Zanzibar Turaco pin badges - 31mm - tip of beak to tip of tail. Lapel stud and butterfly clutch fitting. Supplied in a bio bag. 2.50 per badge plus postage.

Buy here.

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco Pin Badge - £2.50 each plus p&p

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco pin badge

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco pin badges - 33mm - max. Lapel stud and butterfly clutch fitting. Supplied in a bio bag. 2.50 per badge plus postage.

Buy here.

Car Stickers - £4 each inc. p&p

Displays the badge of the International Turaco Society (note still with old name).

10.5 cm diameter

Car Sticker

Turacos In Aviculture by Kateri Davis (signed by the author) - only 5 left

"Turacos In Aviculture" by Kateri Davis

            Book: £28
    Packaging: 20p
                  UK: £2.70
           Europe: £6.25
  World Zone 1: £10.65
  World Zone 2: £13.55
  World Zone 3 (USA): Probably cheaper to buy direct as it is published in USA
 (see Royal Mail World Zones here)

UK including p&p. £30.90 - click below:

Europe including p&p. £34.45 - click below:

World Zone 1 including p&p. £38.85 - click below:
(Note, if in USA it may be cheaper to order it direct.)

World Zone 2 including p&p. £41.75 - click below:


Turaco and Hornbill 'Love' Spoons - £13.50 each including p&p
Wooden spoons

From top to bottom: A to G - each 11 cm long

Spoon B

Spoon F

Spoon A

Spoon B

Spoon C

Spoon D

Spoon E

Spoon F

Spoon G

View basket:

Spoons H to P - each 11 cm long

Spoons H - L (top to bottom) Spoon M Spoons N - P (left to right)

Left: Spoons H (top) - L (bottom) ...... Middle: Spoon M ...... Right: Spoons N (left) - P (right)

Spoon H

Spoon I

Spoon J

View basket:

Spoon K

Spoon L

Spoon M

Spoon N

Spoon O

Spoon P

Available from:

The above items are available from:

David Jones, Walnut Tree Cottage, Popes Hill, Newnham, Glos., GL14 1LD, England.

Telephone: (UK) 01452 760420


Cheques to be made out to 'International Turaco Society'.


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