Violaceous Turaco

Distribution map of Violaceous Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Violaceous Turaco

(Musophaga violacea)

Violaceous Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Monotypic, but considered to form a super-species with Ross's Turaco. The Violaceous Turaco is fairly easy to differentiate from other Turaco species (except Ross's) as its body is generally completely purple. Confusion between the Violaceous and Ross's Turaco can easily be avoided. The Violaceous lacks the erectile crest of the Ross's, but has instead an orange beak, leading to a yellow convex shield in front of the eyes. The Violaceous is a comparatively large species, measuring around 50cm and weighing around 360g. Within its wide distribution the species favours woodland habitats, but it will enter suburban parks and cultivated land, where it feeds on a variety of wild and cultivated fruits. A relatively common species in the UK, the Violaceous Turaco has enjoyed a marked increase in popularity over the last ten years. Captive wild specimens have consequently remained the main source of collections, although captive breeding is increasing, and reducing the need for continued trapping.

CITES III: (In Ghana) Not considered globally threatened.

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