Western Grey Plantain-eater

Distribution map of Western Grey Plantain-eater. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Western Grey Plantain-eater

(Crinifer piscator)

Western Grey Plantain-eater. Click to enlarge.

The Western Grey is monotypic, but is considered to form a super-species with C. zonurus. Both forms are allopatric. Lateral chest striations and prominent dark upper wing feather shafts and tips provide a distinct differentiation from C.zonurus. A typical specimen Western Grey will weigh 200-300g and measure approximately 50 cm from beak to tail. Throughout its range the Western Grey Plantain-eater frequents open habitats, woodland, parks and savannah from sea level to around 1300 m. It feeds generally on fruits, but will also take leaves and seeds. It is thought that arthropods are also taken. The Western is probably the commoner of the 'grey' species in aviculture, although pairs are not currently producing many offspring.

CITES III: Not globally threatened. Considered common, even abundant, in parts of its range.

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