Yellow-billed Turaco

Distribution map of Yellow-billed Turacos. Click to enlarge.

Distribution map

Yellow-billed Turaco

(Tauraco macrorhynchus)

Two sub-species:

(T.m.macrorhynchus, T.m.verreauxii)

Yellow-billed Turaco. Click to enlarge.

Identified not only by its yellow bill, but by a lack of nasal feathering, which gives the impression of a large bill (hence the Latin tag "macro-rhynchus"). Although not considered strictly allopatric to the Green Turaco super-species, the Yellow-billed Turaco clearly demonstrates morphological affinities.The typical Yellow-billed Turaco measures between 40-43cm from beak to tail. Some difference in average weight can be discerned between the sexes, with the heavier males ranging between 261-272g, whilst the females usually weigh between 216-234g.This species' geographical distribution is similar to the Green Turaco, except that the Yellow-billed Turaco prefers primary forest from sea level up to 1600m. The Yellow-billed Turaco feeds mainly on fruits, but will also eat seeds, leaves and arthropods.

CITES II: Not globally threatened, but the Yellow-bill Turaco's status is monitored due to the threat of continued lowland deforestation in its native habitat.

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